Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Really starting to appreciate this area now I live beside it. That said, I brought my mate for walk through the  neighbourhood over the weekend and in the space of 3 minutes she saw a man poo-ing, a drug deal and a man rooting through a bin for clothes. Note to self - might not be a place to bring visitors. Excellent photo exhibition with some cool wall art just off Ronda de Valencia though.

You're simply the best...

Better than all the rest, better than anyone, yada yada. Damn catchy tune.

I didn't think I was (that) influenced by packaging...

But I HAD to buy the ironing board that came with this.

Sunday mornings in El Rastro



I'm back! Excuse the absence. I've been moving gaff, then living a life free of internet and television. Loving living in La Latina, plus the apartment has some inneresting artwork courtesy of the owner (the Goya postcard is my artistic contribution :P) However, luckily, or perhaps unluckily, Ecuador has figured out how to break into the internet network of my neighbours. (Shhhhhhh) Re-connected to the world!