Sunday, July 31, 2011


That is all. (see also - This week's bout of Spanglish is sponsored by Renfe)

Man toilets and woman toilets?? Whatever happened to Ladies and Gents? Or simply Women and Men?

Monday, July 18, 2011

La Tabacalera de Lavapiés

La Tabacalera de Lavapiés is an old tobacco factory in Madrid which has been converted into a social centre. After reading about in the English language paper In Madrid I wandered down to check it out. It’s a gigantic building most of which is closed off to the public, but what’s open comprises of a cafeteria, garden, exhibition spaces, classrooms... During the week it hosts classes and the cafeteria has a cool chilled out vibe as well as exceptionally cheap prices. Plus I saw le Cool Madrid recommending their sushi evening last week. Pop in and check out the wall art (amazing) and the hilarious notice board wall.


Rooftops IV

Spent a Saturday afternoon at the Reina Sofia museum. (free after 14.30) Not my favourite museum in Madrid I have to say. For me, Picasso’s Guernica is the only stand out piece and the Dali’s on display are disappointing (guess all the best stuff is in Figueres??). However, if you walk... and walk and walk... you’ll find their terrace. Unfortunately it’s cunningly located so as to force you to view all exhibitions first (philistine I know :P) but it’s worth it. 

@ La Casa Encendida again

Great place. Their current exhibition of Metropoli covers is definitely worth a visit.

McDonalds Spanish style

En route to Paris... The only restaurant open in Madrid Terminal 4 in the early hours of the dawn is McDonalds. Got to love the way McDonalds changes its offering for each country. McDonalds breakfast Spanish style - Tostada con tomate y aceite (toasted bread with tomato and oil) and a coffee.

Sunset on the Madrid Río

They've done such a nice job of renovating the river bed. I've even recovered from the disappointment of going to see fireworks here a few months back and after 4 hours of waiting realising that I'd misread the programme and that fuegos sobre el río did not actually translate to fuegos artificiales. Ah wishful translation.