Saturday, August 21, 2010

Caixa Forum

This morning I took my hung-over self off to the Caixa Forum for some culture to replace the brain cells lost last night. Caixa Forum is one of my most favourite places in Madrid. Located within the museum triangle, it’s got an amazing vertical garden at its entrance, a brilliant gift shop (seriously, all my Christmas presents are coming from here) and great exhibitions
The current exhibition is dedicated to Fellini. Did you know Fellini invented the term paparazzi? Definitely a useful pub quiz fact :)
In the 1950s Rome became the new Hollywood as American productions began filming in Italy to cut costs. Few photographers were allowed access to the sets so the rest wandered the streets in search of stars and scandals with the best shots making the front pages. Fellini provided the name for this new breed of photographers in La Dolce Vita with his character Paparazzo – a photographer. From then on, the new photographers were called paparazzi...

The next pub quiz is in the bag!! 

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