Saturday, September 25, 2010

Animadrid - Animated Film Festival

Ventured into the Madrid suburbs today for Animadrid - the annual animated film festival hosted in Pozuelo (pause for useless celebrity fact - Ronaldo lives here).  Saw some adorable animated shorts which I enjoyed as much as the kids in the audience. Definitely worth a visit before it finishes next Thursday.

Particuar highlights from the screening I attended were;

The Gruffalo - I'd never seen this before. Adorable rhyming à la Dr. Seuss (that was lost in the translated subtitles for the Spaniards though)

Cukas Laime - This cracked me up. The city pigs visit the countryside for a holiday of carefully timed scoffing from the trough followed by dozing. The trough extending from the trunk of the car was genius. I love these little quirky details.

Wollmond - Funny little story about a determined grandmother knitting the moon an outfit. Unfortunately she doesn't take into account the moons changing shape...

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