Monday, June 20, 2011

La Casa Encendida (aka Rooftops III)

I've been meaning to big up La Casa Encendida here for a while. Discovered it a couple of months back and it's fast becoming one of my favorite places in Madrid.

It's a cultural centre sponsored by the bank / credit union Caja Madrid and is full to the brim with interesting events, great short and feature length sceenings, exhibitons, free internet and... an AMAZING rooftop hangout area. Apparently from next month, they'll be showing movies there at night so I'll know where I'll be this summer.

Check out some snaps from the weekend, hung out in the garden and then headed to the screening of the somewhat bizarre Aardvark.


  1. I am loving the new blog layout!! Give me your latest update - when are you moving to dubai? Or was it Abudabi? I can never remember!
    xx Kirst

  2. I just facebooked you :)
    Mucho amor